How To Block Someone On Facebook Business Page

How To Block Someone On Facebook Business Page. Click page settings on the left, at the bottom. To block someone from fb business page settings, all you have to do is go to “people and other pages.” after that, search for the person whom you want to ban, and then tap “ban from page.” 2.

How do I block people that aren't my friends on Facebook? Lena Shore from

Head to the people & others pages tab. Press on “settings” on the left of the screen. How to block someone from your facebook business page.

Click On The Search Bar And Type The Name Of The Facebook Profile That You Want To Block.

Search for a name if they do not or if you have a lot of followers. To change your block settings or update the status of someone you have blocked, you can visit your block list from. Open facebook and tap the three horizontal bars to open main menu.

Select People And Other Pages.

Click on ban from page. How to block someone from facebook business page settings? Check the box next to the person’s name if they already follow your page.

On The Left Menu, Select “People And Other Pages.”.

Click settings and then select ban from the. Click on your specific profile and once their profile is opened, click on the ellipsis which is three dots next to the call icon. Hit the +ban a person button.

To Unblock Someone From Your Facebook Account, Go To Facebook’s Account Settings & Privacy Page By Clicking The Down Arrow Icon At The Top Right Corner Of The Screen.

Many search results will be provided to you. Ban people using “people and other pages”. Selecting the ‘people and other pages’ link and then ‘people who like this page’.

Click Settings At The Top Of Your Page.

In the top right corner of your group, tap on the. Ban people who commented on your page. Select block beside the person’s name.

How To Block Someone On Facebook Business Page

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