How To Find Septic Tank Records

How To Find Septic Tank Records. Environmental health maintains records for septic systems installed since 1959, and you can also obtain copies of septic system records directly from their office. Over the course of a few years, grass growing in your yard can easily conceal the.

How To Find Septic Tank Records from

So that shouldn’t be a problem. This should be your first solution. When you buy or move into a new property, you need to ask for the map showing where the septic tank is.

Scanned Site Plans Are Available For Permits Issued After January 1, 2000.

The good news is that you almost always get one along with the house plan when you buy a new property. Even though septic tanks may be difficult to find buried underground, the following. Once you have found the county.

How To Find Septic Tanks Through Records:

These permits should come with a diagram of the location where the septic system is buried. It does not have to be beautiful, to scale, nor expensive. Diamond septic tank pumping services.

So That Shouldn’t Be A Problem.

Ask the prior property owner. One of the easiest ways. Follow your sewer main/sewer pipes.

Environmental Health Maintains Records For Septic Systems Installed Since 1959, And You Can Also Obtain Copies Of Septic System Records Directly From Their Office.

To find the septic tank, first check the septic tank map of your property which will have a diagram, with the location of the tank. Contact the local dhec office to see if they have a copy of your septic tank permit on file. You can even find the exact spot where the septic tank is located.

#1 Visually Search For The Tank.

How to locate my septic tank through records. If you need any maintenance or repair services for your. This should be your first solution.

How To Find Septic Tank Records

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